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Association of Singapore Marine Industries


The Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) is a non-profit trade association set up in 1968 to promote the interests and advancement of the marine industry in Singapore. From humble beginnings, ASMI has grown and matured into a reputable organisation that is recognised locally and internationally as the official trade body representing the Singapore marine and offshore engineering industry. The Association has grown and transformed itself over the last 50 years, and broadened its representation to encompass a wider spectrum of marine and offshore related businesses.

Today, ASMI is the nucleus for the promotion and advancement of the Singapore ship repair, shipbuilding, rigbuilding and offshore engineering sectors. The Association plays an important role in unifying industry players towards shared objectives as well as in directing industry resources towards achieving common goals.

The Association’s objectives are:
  • To represent and promote the interests of the Association’s members and the local marine and offshore engineering industry in Singapore and overseas.
  • To foster closer cooperation among members, and between ASMI and relevant organisations in Singapore and internationally.
  • To promote regular programmes to improve productivity, technology, skills upgrading and to raise safety, health and environmental standards in the marine and offshore engineering industry.
  • To maintain closer relations with government agencies through direct representations and regular dialogues on matters affecting the industry.
ASMI represents a wide cross-section of companies in the business of ship repair, ship conversion, shipbuilding, rigbuilding and offshore engineering. Its membership comprises major shipyards, local and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of marine and offshore equipment, components and services. ASMI members also include marine and offshore engineering companies, marine consultants and contractors as well as others whose business activities are directly related to the industry.

ASMI members’ business activities comprise the following:
  • Ship repair and conversion
  • Shipbuilding
  • Rig building and offshore engineering
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration supply and services
  • Corrosion control services
  • Electrical and electronic equipment supply and servicing
  • Engine supply and servicing
  • Marine engineering services
  • Marine & offshore equipment and materials supply and services
  • Survey and inspection services
  • Marine design and consultancy services
  • Safety and IT systems, equipment and services
ASMI’s main roles are:
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of the industry’s workforce
  • To promote the collective interests of the marine and offshore engineering industry
  • To link up and integrate the marine and offshore engineering industry
  • Enhancing the Knowledge and Skills of the Industry Workforce
    • Organises briefings and sharing sessions to disseminate, update and share information on regulations, practices and schemes
    • Conducts workshops to impart knowledge and enhance competencies
    • Coordinates industry-wide initiatives on workplace safety, productivity and capability building
    • Organises and conducts training to train and upskill the marine workforce
    • Manages skills assessment schemes to certify workers’ skills standards
    • Administers scholarship schemes to attract and recruit talents into the industry
    • Develops industry generic guidelines to set minimum standards for industry
    • Publishes manuals and guides to provide reference and guidance to members
  • Promoting the Collective Interests of the Marine and Offshore Engineering Industry
    • Organises participation in trade fairs to promote industry and members’ capabilities, technologies and products and develop business leads
    • Participates in committees and work groups to represent industry and safeguards its collective interests
    • Organises study trips and business missions to help members identify business opportunities and access markets
    • Holds dialogues with government bodies, marine-related organisations and industry partners to address industry issues and concerns
    • Publishes newsletters, annual reports, directories and other publications to broadcast information, disseminate news and share industry updates
  • Linking Up the Marine Industry
    • Organises outreach programmes to promote industry, create public awareness and enhance industry’s image
    • Organises social activities to create networking opportunities and enhance business cooperation
    • Organises friendly competitions and sports tournaments to build rapport and camaraderie among members
The Association operates through five main Committees to carry out its roles and organise the events and activities. These are the Innovation and Future Economy, Manpower and Membership Promotion, Social and Youth, Supporting Industry and Workplace Safety and Health Committees.

There are three types of membership:
  • Ordinary Member
  • Associate Member
  • Honorary Member
Ordinary and Associate memberships are applicable for Singapore-registered and Singapore-based companies whose business activities are directly related to the marine and offshore engineering industry. Honorary membership is extended to relevant organisations by invitation.

Membership subscriptions are payable on an annual basis and will commence annually on the first day of May. There is also a one-time entrance fee for new members.

Application for membership must be made on the prescribed membership application form. Membership application must be endorsed by a Proposer and a Seconder who are members of ASMI.

Fee* Ordinary Member Associate Member
Entrance Fee (One-time) S$1,000 S$500
Membership Fee (Annual) S$2,400 S$1,200
*Fees are subjected to prevailing GST

Membership benefits include:
  • Concessionary rates for training courses and skills certification tests
  • Concessionary rates for seminars and workshops
  • Discounted rates for publications, advertisement bookings and activities
  • Priority enrolment for trade fairs, business missions and other programmes
  • Free subscriptions for newsletters, annual reports and directories
  • Regular updates on industry developments and other industry relevant information
  • Participation in industry dialogues, networking events and social activities
  • Opportunities for business networking
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