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Insulation Contractors - Cold & Heat

Contractors providing installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of shipboard and offshore platform thermal insulation.

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Specialise in: • Sole distributor and stockist for Plibrico/Calderys refractory • Supply of materials and installation • Complete refractory lining works on industrial boilers, incinerators, furnaces etc... • Provide experience refractory workers and… More

Insultec is a worldwide multi-local organisation specialising in the design, supply and installation of insulation for major industrial projects. Insultec having offices at 12 global locations has completed insulation, scaffolding, corrosion protection,… More

The leading insulation provider for all your needs. Our products categories: • Aluminium coil/sheet/foil/tape • Fiberglass cloth (w. or w/o. aluminium coating) • Rockwool pipe sectional/slabs • Stainless steel coil/sheet • Toggle clips • Wing seals/banding… More