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The characteristics of each fibre rope are governed primarily by the material properties, which may be enhanced or moderated during the production process. However, rope selection is ultimately a balancing act between the characteristics of the material,… More



Renowned for having one of the most comprehensive and robust inventory of wire rope, TEHO stocks wire ropes from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, distinguished by our trademark, WREXCO ® . We are stringent that our wire ropes are true… More

In general, the availability of lifting hardware products were broadly divided into 2 distinct groups. The expensive branded high quality products mostly made in Japan, America or EU Countries. The cheap unbranded low quality alternative are normally… More


We entered year 2000 with great confidence, having an efficient warehouse stocked with a wide range of ropes, quality hardware and lifting equipment, among others, to service our customers, here and abroad. We have also entered into several partnerships… More