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Scaffolding, also called staging, is the basis of most construction projects it is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man made structures. Due to the special nature of the environment, special training is required in order to erect marine scaffolding. Companies may also provide related… More

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List of scaffolding services that we provide: • Sales & rental of scaffolding accessories    - G.I pipe (STK 500, BS)    - Double & sleeve couplers (BS)    - Clamps - fixed/swivel (JIS)    - Metal decking    - Shoring steel prop    - Scaffold frame,… More

• Afloat and emergency repairs • Underwater cleaning and repairs • Main engine maintenance and repairs • Mechanical repairs • Steel and pipe work • Electrical and instrumentation repairs • Motor rewind repairs • Specialists service providers for navigation,… More

Layher is the world's biggest manufacturer of scaffolding systems. We offer a comprehensive range of scaffolding systems, protective systems and event systems, plus rolling towers and ladders. But there's also "more" when it comes to service. Since 2004,… More

- Certified Scaffold Contractor with over 15 years of experience - Provides quality & safe scaffolding services for the marine industries - Specialised in contract scaffolding, ship repair, conversion and shipbuilding - Provide on More