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Ship Chandlers

A ship chandler (or ship's chandler) is a retail dealer who specialises in supplies or equipment for ships, known as ship's stores. A chandler will deal typically with large fuel-powered commercial ships, such as oil tankers, container ships, and bulk carriers. They supply the crew's food, ship's maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, rope, et cetera. The advantage of a ship's crew using a chandler… More

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Uni-Drive is a specialist in Mechanical Power Transmission supplies having accumulated 20 over years of experiences in this field and is able to provide a comprehensive range of Mechanical Power Transmission Products to meet almost all your needs. We… More


Moby Dick Supplies are in the business of ship chandling, providing 24/7 services to vessels whole year round. With a 20,000ft warehouse facilities, and a strong team of purchasers and experienced operation staffs, we cater for all vessels' equipment… More



Made In Korea   Moby Dick Supplies has tied down with some of the most trustworthy brand for safety products in order to protect crews and employees from getting injured.  Protect your employee well and you can protect the business well too.   Be Safe,… More

Austen Maritime Services provides a full range of port agency, tow management, heavy lifting and bespoke technical services, and act as local representative on behalf of owners, charterers and operators of many vessel types. With offshore and onshore… More

Range of Services • Tank Cleaning Materials/General & Technical Store/Spare Parts Supplies • Deslopping/Disposal Agent for Annex I & II (In Port/OPL) • Supply of Fresh Water (OPL) • Garbage Collection (In Port/OPL) • Husbandry of Vessels Calling for… More

As a specialist in initial fill supplies, Francois Marine Services sources and procures a wide range of ship stores, marine and oilfield equipment, and general consumables for all types of vessels, semi-submersible rigs, jack-ups and drillships. With… More

We specialise in: - Provision (esp. Indian) and bonded stores - Cabin stores - Deck stores - Electrical stores - Safety equipment - Fire fighting equipment - Navigational equipment - All marine spares