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Mr Tan Hwee Main, General Manager


Nature of Business

The Hamburg-based Becker Marine Systems is the market leader for high-performance rudders, manoeuvring solutions, energy-saving devices for all types (and sizes) of vessels as well as alternative energies. Becker's reliable rudder systems are first choice for luxury yachts and super tankers as well as mega container ships, passenger ferries and large cruise vessels.

Over 200 specialists are employed worldwide at Becker offices located in Germany, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Norway and USA. Additionally, a global network of agencies in almost every important centre of the ship building industry ensures competent consultancy and service to customers around the globe. Key factors for Becker's market success are flexibility and strategic independence from shipyards or large industrial groups.
This ensures that Becker can provide customers with the best technical, reliable, innovative and cost-effective products for any vessel.

Our well-known products such as the Becker Flap Rudder, the Becker Twist Rudder, the Becker Mewis Duct® and the Becker Mewis Duct® Twisted are based on over 7 decades of successful business in the world's shipping and shipbuilding industry.