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CRN/UEN: 200611542Z

48 Pandan Loop
Singapore 128264

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Mr Milton Ong, Sales
Email: mo@denjet.com


Nature of Business

As manufacturer/supplier of DEN-JET water blasters, we build our equipment to cater to the specific needs of those in the offshore and land-based industries within Asia. We produce complete machines, pumps, hoses and other spare parts & accessories for end users and OEMs.

  • Pumps range from 200 bar/2,900 psi to 3,000 bar/43,500 psi
  • Flow rate 8L/min to 230L/min
  • Electric, diesel, air & hydraulic versions available
  • ATEX certified models for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Products available:
    • Complete machines
    • Pumps
    • Accessories and spare parts (e.g. hoses, nozzles, etc)
    • Components and accessories to OEMs

Common Product Applications:
  • Hull cleaning
  • Paint and/or rust removal
  • Barnacles removal
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Cleaning of metal structures/surfaces at shipyards, oil rigs, oil & gas facilities
  • Heat exchanger cleaning

For more information on our water blasters please visit: https://denjet.com/waterblasters
For more information on our spare parts & accessories please visit: https://denjet.com/accessories