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Nature of Business

HAWE Hydraulik is a mid-sized, internationally active family business headquartered in Munich/Germany. 16 subsidiary companies in Europe, North America and Asia offer a global sales, service and engineering network. The production plants in Germany supply customers all around the world. Great value-added depth, efficient processes and rigorous attention to quality ensure the reliability, ruggedness and long service life of HAWE products. HAWE Hydraulik aspires to combine over 65 years of experience in hydraulics with the integration of new technologies to provide innovative solutions - "Solutions for a World under Pressure"!

HAWE Hydraulik: save money and time, increase safety.

HAWE Hydraulik is able to provide uncompromising safety and reliability by using steel for all pressurised components. Working together with certified explosion-proof solenoids, HAWE's line of hydraulic products, a modular toolkit of parts, is used to create extremely robust, low-maintenance hydraulic systems. Low-manufacturing tolerances and rigorous quality-assurance processes ensure all parts meet the highest standards of safety, and save time and money.

HAWE Hydraulik components have been successfully proven in many critical oilfield drilling and production operations, such as:
  • BOP closing units and handling systems
  • Winches, catheads, and rotary tables
  • Drawworks braking systems
  • Catwalk hydraulics
  • Iron roughnecks
  • Mast and substructure lifting systems
  • Walking systems
  • Top drives

HAWE Hydraulik offers the following benefits:
  • Comprehensive individual advice and assistance
  • Customised solutions
  • Products designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology
  • Many years of experience and expertise in hydraulic products and their uses
  • Tailored service and maintenance contracts
  • Design, set-up, on-site maintenance, and servicing