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Block 4026 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1
Singapore 569637

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Ms Rena Teng, Director


Nature of Business

Heatex Industrial Technology Pte Ltd specialises in the fire & welding protection and Heat Insulation Products that are used in many industries such as, Construction site, Metal factory, Cement factory, Heating process plant, Automotive, Aircraft, Ship-building; Chemical & Petroleum Plant.
Having years of experience and knowledge, Heatex is thus able to provide value-added services in the designing and production of Heat Insulation Jackets, mattress or blankets to meet customers' specifications.
Materials such as Fiberglass, Carbon, Ceramic, Aramid and Silica fabrics either plain or coated with Silicone, PTFE, PU, PVC and Vermiculite; Fiberglass Tissue, Mesh, Glass Wool, Rockwool and FR Cotton Fabric.
These are applicable for Expansion joint, pipe lagging, gasket, engine, boiler, furnace door seal, exhaust pipe and cable protection.
Products such as Fire & Welding Blankets, Smoke Curtains, Insulation Fabrics, Ropes, Tapes, Tubing, Gloves, Aprons, Arm Guards, Shoes Cover, Welding Hoods, Jackets, Pants and Aluminised Proximity Suit.