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6 Kaki Bukit Place
Singapore 416184

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Mr Peter Kneipp
Mobile: (65) 9172 6588


Nature of Business

MEC is a boutique-style consulting firm, which was founded based on long-term experience in the fields of technical and corporate management.

With more than two decades spent in responsible corporate positions in Asia and Germany, MEC is capable to tap on very practical and "down-to-earth" experience when it comes to market analyses and market development, sales and distribution network, Joint Venture management and definition of measures to grow and sustain businesses.

MEC focuses on the power generation market, the marine sector, transportation and mechanical engineering industries. Here MEC provides expert advice in the distribution of principle products as well as in the after-market and helps to develop service strategies to sustain and expand the customer base.

The combination of technical expertise and management skills is where MEC will be able to contribute to the success of your endeavors.

MEC can tap on valuable experiences gained through conducted activities either in lead or in co-operation, such as:
  • Joint Venture in China with State owned company
  • Establish a wholly owned company in China
  • Joint Venture in Malaysia between private companies
  • Setting-up a Regional HQ in Singapore
  • Steer a merger process in Australia
  • Establish Subsidiaries in Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia
  • Handling complex Governmental projects in Australia, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia
  • Develop a Service Dealer Network in Asia Pacific
  • Develop a Regional Aftersales Strategy in Asia Pacific