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(A Subsidiary of MEP Systems Pte Ltd)
9D Jurong Pier Road
#03-01 MEP Building Block 3
Singapore 619177

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Nature of Business

MEP is a leading one-stop Systems Provider of Anchoring, Towing and Mooring Systems for the Marine and Offshore industry.

We specialise in the customised Design Engineering and Manufacture of equipment:
  • MORDEC Deck Machineries
  • MORDEC Cranes
  • MORDEC ETA/SPM Deck Systems
  • MORDEC Panama Canal Deck Systems

We provide Technical Support and After-Sales Services supported by a Maintenance Program for our customers:
  • MORDEC Anchor Chain Management Program
  • MORDEC Wire Rope Management Program
  • VELOCITY Wire Rope Lubricating System
  • MORDEC Mechanical Splicing & Socketing
  • Wire Rope Spooling
  • Installation of Anchor & Anchor Chains

We are also in the business of Distribution and Supply of operating products and hardware for the marine and offshore markets:
  • MORDEC Material Handling Gears
  • Anchor & Anchor Chains
  • Steel Wire Ropes
  • Synthetic Ropes
  • Deck Fittings

Providing Engineering Solutions, Systems and Services for the Marine and Offshore Industry