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Nature of Business

Power Diesel Engineering Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore and has a branch office in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The Company was founded in 2004 by its Managing Directors - Mr Lim Lin and Mr Ryan Lim, with the vision to providing best in-class diesel engine services in support of the offshore marine, oil & gas and construction industry. In 2016, Power Diesel expanded its international reach by setting up a workshop and office in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.
Power Diesel's customers comprise a wide range from the marine and oil & gas sectors. Customers include offshore rig owners & operators and marine vessel owners and operators. Our customers deploy their equipment all over the world and rely on Power Diesel to service them on an "anytime" and "anywhere" basis.
Power Diesel is recognised by its customers as a reliable and quality-conscious partner providing servicing and overhaul of high performance diesel engines, anywhere in the world. With its strategic location in Singapore, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Power Diesel is able to very quickly deploy, at short notice, personnel, tooling and material on site to various corners of the world to provide quick and effective relief to equipment failure, saving its customers valuable time and money.
We are specialists in high speed and medium speed engines. We provide engine spare parts and maintenance services.
A sizable workshop facility in Singapore, a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and easy access to the port, helps us provide top-quality schedule and regular end-to-end maintenance packages to our customers.