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126 Joo Seng Road
#03-10 Goldpine Industrial Building
Singapore 368355

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Mr S Sellaya, Manager


Nature of Business

Marine Automation and Instrumentation
We specialise in troubleshooting and repairing of various electrical, electronic, instrumentation and control systems on board vessels. Our engineers can travel to any overseas destinations on short notices to meet our customers' urgent requirements.

We can also provide cost effective solutions for old and obsolete systems such as Alarm and Monitoring System, Fire Detection and Alarm System, Boiler Management and ACC, Power Management System, etc.

  • Alarm and monitoring system
  • Boiler management & controls
  • Fire detection & alarm system
  • Inert gas system
  • Main engine remote control system
  • Main switchboard, generator control & power management
  • Oil discharge monitoring equipment
  • Oily water separator & bilge alarm
  • Pump room transmitters & gas detection system
  • Tank level gauging & tank overfill alarm system
  • Control application development
  • Design & fabrication of various control panels
  • SCADA and PLC programming services
  • System integration and upgrading