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1 Sophia Road, #05-23 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Tel: +65 6861 1692 Fax: +65 6861 1689
Event Containers
Double Stacked
Door & Window Grills
Co Joined Of ce
Cement Works (Container Base)
Security Counter
Marine Container
Luxury Toilet
Rest Shelter
Blast Proof Cabin Interior
Roller Shutter Interior
Our Speciality
Ticket Booth Interior
Showroom Interior
Workshop Interior
Double Stacked Worker’s Accommodation Walkway
Co Joined
Main Of ce
Safety Room
Guard House
Luxury Toilet
We specialise in one stop solution for single / double deck / cojoined of ces, toilets, showrooms, classrooms, shop outlets, crew restroom, stores, pantries, medical labs, kitchens and club houses.
We provide customised options for air conditioning, container roo ng, explosion proo ng, platform and staircase access. We provide load and mpi testing.
For all your civil, construction, marine, aviation, medical, military and offshore container needs, please contact us.
Container Toilet
Store with Racks
Our Services
BCA Registered Contractor

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