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ASMI’s main roles are:
• To enhance the knowledge and skills of the
industry’s workforce
• To promote the collective interests of the
marine and offshore engineering industry
• To link up and integrate the marine and
offshore engineering industry
Enhancing the Knowledge and Skills of the Industry Workforce
– Organises brie ngs and sharing sessions to
disseminate, update and share information
on regulations, practices and schemes
– Conducts workshops to impart knowledge
and enhance competencies
– Coordinates industry-wide initiatives
on workplace safety, productivity and
capability building
– Organises and conducts training to train
and upskill the marine workforce
– Manages skills assessment schemes to
certify workers’ skills standards
– Administers scholarship schemes to attract
and recruit talents into the industry
– Develops industry generic guidelines to set
minimum standards for industry
– Publishes manuals and guides to provide
reference and guidance to members
Promoting the Collective Interests of the Marine and Offshore Engineering Industry
– Organises participation in trade fairs to
promote industry and members’ capabilities, technologies and products and develop business leads
– Participates in committees and work groups to represent industry and safeguards its collective interests
– Organises study trips and business missions to help members identify business opportunities and access markets
– Holds dialogues with government bodies, marine-related organisations and industry partners to address industry issues and concerns
– Publishes newsletters, annual reports, directories and other publications to broadcast information, disseminate news and share industry updates

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