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Trusted on
every surface
At Hempel, we believe a coating system
And, with a team of 600+ FROSIO/NACE
should help you achieve your long-term Hempaguard provides an outstanding
qualified coating advisors around the At the heart of Hempaguard is our
business goals. That’s why we offer a full defence against fouling, even at low
world, we ensure you always get the best patented Actiguard technology, combining
range of proven coatings and technical steaming speeds and during longer idle
possible solution – whatever your vessel or the friction reducing properties of silicone-
service, all designed to help you reduce periods. This unique performance profile
operating conditions.
hydrogel with groundbreaking biocide
fuel bills, extend maintenance cycles and guarantees significant fuel savings – and
science in a single coating.
cut drydock expenses.
comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

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