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The Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) and Marshall Cavendish Business Information are collaborating once again to produce the Singapore Shiprepairing, Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Directory. This annual publication provides a comprehensive compilation of the eco-system of Singapore-based companies providing services and solutions to the shipping, marine & offshore and oil & gas industries. It features shipyards, manufacturers and suppliers of marine and offshore equipment and components, marine & offshore engineering companies, consultants and classi cation societies.
Singapore is a leading international marine and offshore hub with capabilities in repair of ships and rigs, conversion of ships, construction and repair of oil rigs, semi-submersibles and offshore platforms. She is a global leader and premier centre of choice for conversion of FPSO and FLNG vessels, repair of LNG carriers and tankers, upgrade and refurbishment of cruise ships as well as newbuilding of customised and specialised vessels.
Despite the prolonged industry downturn, the Singapore Marine and Offshore Engineering sector generated a credible total turnover of S$9.8 billion in 2017. The outlook remains challenging with encouraging signs of recovery and opportunities in the non-drilling and gas sectors with the strong global demand for gas and use of LNG as marine fuel, as well as drive for clean energy, wind and solar energy.
The Marine & Offshore Engineering Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was launched in February last year with the vision to achieve global leadership in smart marine & offshore solutions. The ITM provides a roadmap to drive transformation in the industry and help companies capture long-term growth opportunities through innovation, adoption of robotics and new technologies, diversi cation into adjacent areas, and access to new markets. Industry members must capitalise on opportunities in emerging and adjacent sectors by developing capabilities, adopting technologies, harnessing digitalisation and fostering collaborations to tap into new growth areas and new markets to sustain future growth.
ASMI is the not-for-pro t trade body representing the Singapore marine and offshore engineering industry. She provides the platform for the pursuit of common goals and mutual sharing of experiences. ASMI has witnessed the successes and achievements of the industry over the last  ve decades and supported the industry as it evolved and transformed from a regional ship repair centre into a world-class marine & offshore hub of choice. It will play a key role in the implementation of the industry’s ITM.
We trust you will  nd this Directory useful for your reference on the marine and offshore engineering supply chain resident in Singapore.
Mr Abu Bakar Bin Mohd Nor
President Association of Singapore Marine Industries

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