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T he Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) is a non-pro t trade • association set up in 1968 to promote
• Rig-building and offshore engineering
• Air-conditioning and refrigeration supply
and services
• Corrosion control services
• Electrical and electronic equipment supply
and servicing
• Engine supply and servicing
• Marine engineering services
• Marine and offshore equipment and
materials supply and services
• Survey and inspection services
• Marine design and consultancy services
• Safety and IT systems, equipment and
the interests and advancement of the marine industry in Singapore. From humble beginnings, • ASMI has grown and matured into a reputable organisation that is recognised locally and • internationally as the of cial trade body representing the Singapore marine and offshore engineering (M&OE) industry. The Association
has grown and transformed itself over the last •  ve decades, and broadened its representation
to encompass a wider spectrum of marine and offshore related businesses. •
Today, ASMI is the nucleus for the promotion and advancement of the Singapore ship repair, shipbuilding, rig-building and offshore engineering sectors. The Association plays an important role in unifying industry players towards shared objectives as well as directing industry resources towards achieving common goals.
The Association’s objectives are to:
Actively represent and promote the interests of the Association’s members to the local and international communities;
Foster close co-operation among members of the Association;
Promote regular programmes to improve productivity, technology, skills upgrading and to raise safety, health and environmental standards;
Regularly consult and liaise with the relevant regulatory bodies in Singapore and internationally; and
Participate actively in community programmes.
ASMI represents a wide cross-section of companies in the business of ship repair, ship conversion, shipbuilding, rig-building and offshore engineering. Its membership comprises major shipyards, local and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of marine and offshore equipment, components and services. ASMI members also include M&OE companies, marine consultants and contractors as well as others whose business activities are directly related to the industry.
ASMI members’ business activities comprise the following:
• Ship repair and conversion
• Shipbuilding

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