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Uni-Drive Systems (S) Pte Ltd
(Uni-Drive Auto-Systems & Parts (S) Pte Ltd)
19 Pioneer Sector 2, Singapore 628379
Tel: (65) 6861 2340 Fax: (65) 6861 0403
Email: Website:
Uni-drive Systems (S) Pte Ltd is committed to supplying quality Power Transmission products, related products and comprehensive Engineering Services to our customers.
Our Company Uni-drive was founded in 1987, established by a group of engineers with years of experiences specialising in the field of Electric motor and mechanical Power transmission (Customised, special and standard Shaft coupling, bearings, Cardan Universal shafts, Pulleys & Belts, Sprockets and chain, Gear and gearboxes, etc.) and has since expanded into regional markets in Asia. Today we have distribution and service network covering East and West Malaysia, Indonesia and China. We have also experience exporting worldwide to many countries like the Middle East, Asian countries, India, Europe, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc. Our initial core business was in the distribution of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and related hardware product. Over the Years, Uni- drive has amassed a sizeable comprehensive stocking range of Power Transmission products, with its in-house machine shop makes us the one-stop solutions for all your Power transmission products and Engineering services needs.
Uni-drive has in the process of our business morphed itself into a Company which also has the capabilities as a comprehensive Engineering Service cum contractor mechanical repairer, fitting of all types of machines. We also provide cleaning, installation, testing
and commissioning of Cooling Towers, Air- Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) System as well as other M&E System for Cleanrooms, Commercial Complexes, Factories, Institution, Hospitals, Offices, Research Laboratories, etc. Having full certification on Osha, work safety from height, confined space and many others. Uni-drive has done following works: Gear Boxes repair, Machine repair, Paint and chemical Mixer, Shafts re-built, Impeller re-work and dynamic balancing. Site Installation, Piping works, changing of Valves, expansion and flexible pipe joints, Conveyors and automation components fabrication and repairs, new Cooling Tower supply and installations, water treatment, industrial cleaning.
Uni-drive now has experiences covering all major industries such as Marine, Oil and Gas, Building, Constructions and Building facilities, Packaging, automation, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, food and electronic manufacturing, Ports, Mining, Palm oil, Paper and Pulp, Pumping, Sewerage, Airports, etc.
Uni-drive also brings together leading products, systems and solutions from across various sectors - Automation & Safety, Motor Control, Power Distribution, Hazardous Area Equipment & Control, Enclosure Systems & Power Quality. We provide industrial automation products, services and local support for automation needs which includes: Drives, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, Variable Speed Motors, Specialty Motors, AC and DC Drives and Motors and Gearheads etc.
Our stock a comprehensive range of product as follows:
• Wide range Shaft Coupling
• Shaft coupling replacement elements
• Sprockets and chains
• Universal Joints
• Power lock devices
• Gear Racks and Pinion Gears • Gear Boxes
• Timing Belts
• Vee-beltings
• Variable Speed Belt
• Banded Belt
• Poly-ribbed Belts
• PU and Profile Beltings
• Link Vee-Belting
• Vee-Pulleys
• Timing Pulleys
• Flat Pulleys
• Wire-rope Pulley
• Taper-Bushing
• QD and Split bushing
• Bushing and shaft adaptors • Etc..
We are a service-oriented company covering industries as follows:
• Marine Shipyard and offshore
• Manufacturing
• Petrochemical and refineries
• Building M & E supplies and services • Automotive Industries
• Food and Printing Industries
• Palm Oil Mills Industries
• Cement Factories
• Electronics Industries
• Machining and Engineering services • Mining Industries
• Steel Mill
• Textile
• General Hardware supplies
Mr Bernard Neo
Mobile: (65) 9455 5912 (24 Hours)

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